Tiktok Vs YouTube Fight List in Order

Whether you are a fan of Tiktok or YouTube, you might be interested in knowing which fights to watch and which to avoid. This article will give you an in-depth look at some of the best matches to watch this year. We’ll also go into the upcoming PPV fights, including KSI vs Logan Paul, Deji Olatunji vs Ben Azelart and Austin McBroom vs Ben Azelart.

KSI vs Logan Paul

KSI vs Logan Paul on YouTube was a runaway success, with 1.5 million people watching the fight live. It was also the highest rated pro boxing match of 2018. The event sold more than one million PPVs on YouTube and Twitch.

KSI is a YouTuber and rapper, who also trains in the martial arts at London Shootfighters. He’s earned a 1-2 record in amateur MMA and kickboxing. His father owns two martial arts schools. He started his career on gaming commentary videos, but has since launched a music career. He claims to have a new style.

KSI and Logan Paul’s first fight was a draw. They were co-main events on a multi-fight card at UFC 205. In the first round, KSI landed more punches, but Paul slipped twice. In the third round, KSI landed more punches, and then he won a split decision.

The second fight was a rematch between KSI and Joe Weller. The undercard featured Billy Joe Saunders fighting at 6:18pm in LA, and Tyler Smith fighting at 7:56pm in Miami.

KSI vs Logan Paul II was promoted as the biggest amateur boxing match in history. The rematch was on November 9 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It was broadcast on DAZN in the US and in Europe via FITE.

KSI and Logan Paul will split the money they earn from ticket sales, subscriptions and PPV purchases. They will also sell merchandise. KSI has over 20.5 million subscribers on YouTube, and Logan has nearly 20 million.

After the fight, KSI and Logan Paul released a series of diss tracks, including a video of KSI flipping off Paul with a Thanos gauntlet. The duo also released a dueling episode of their “40 Days” documentary.

Ben Azelart

Until a month before the fight, Ben Azelart had never thrown a punch. But he did manage to do it in the most impressive fashion. His performance was not without its detractors.

In the same vein as the old adage, the YouTube vs TikTok boxing match will be less than a half hour long, as compared to the usual five hours. The main event is expected to feature YouTubers Landon McBroom and Ryan Johnston against TikTokers Cale Saurage and Ben Azelart. The undercard will also include several fights, mainly featuring social media influencers and YouTubers.

The press conference was attended by several YouTubers, including the hosts of the show. Some of the other fighters in attendance included Tayler Holder, Michael Le, Vinnie Hacker, and Nate Wyatt. The press conference also had a number of other notables.

In the event, a few new preliminary fighters were added. The aforementioned TikTok-meets-Twitter event will be the first pay-per-view event of its kind. And hey, it is a big deal, especially since it was conceived with the help of one of the world’s most influential Twitter users.

The event is scheduled for June 12 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The event will be held in conjunction with LiveXLive Media, a global platform for on-demand content. It is also the largest livestream in the world, as of this writing.

The YouTube vs TikTok boxing event was a flop, but the undercard did have its share of highs and lows. The event will be shorter than typical events, and the boxing is just the beginning. The event will also be a cultural phenomenon. It is unclear if YouTube and TikTok have settled their beef or not, but it is clear that both companies are vying for the attention of the next generation of social media stars.

Austin McBroom

Earlier this week, YouTuber Austin McBroom took on Team TikTok’s Bryce Hall. This was part of the “Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms” event. It featured several famous YouTube and TikTok users.

The fight was a huge hit with TikTok fans. McBroom dominated the fight, landing 29 punches to Hall’s 10. He was able to knock Hall out in the third round.

In the main event, YouTuber AnesonGib will take on Team TikTok’s Taylor Holder. They will go head-to-head in a five-round affair.

In addition to the fight, a few other notable TikTokers will appear in the main event as well. The two will make a ring walk at three o’clock in the morning Sunday morning.

The fight was held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. It was a fun and entertaining night. The two YouTubers looked very strong. The fight was a good example of social media and boxing working together.

During the fight, the referee called out McBroom to be more aggressive. He backed Saleh into a corner and threw a 3-punch combo. He also landed a big right hand on McBroom.

The fight was interrupted by the referee multiple times. After the fifth knockdown in the round, the fight was waved off. It was the only knockout of the night.

The fight was broadcast on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK. It drew a massive amount of viewers. It was also a pay-per-view fight. The three judges scored the fight 50-46.

It was the first of several social media boxing matches. The second will be held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. It is expected to draw an audience of tens of thousands.

Deji Olatunji

Despite having lost two fights, YouTuber Deji Olatunji is still a boxer. He is the younger brother of YouTuber KSI.

This year, Olatunji has taken to the ring twice. He first lost to Jake Paul in a boxing match. Then, he faced Vinnie Hacker. This time, he went down in the third round of the fight.

Despite losing, Olatunji’s defensive skills improved in the bout. He bloodied Paul’s nose early. His cardio level showed improvement, as well.

The fight has been dubbed a farce by fans. Although, there was a lot of heated clashes, there was no winner.

Deji’s brother KSI is a popular YouTuber with a massive following. The pair have been on a war for years, as both men have been involved in a lengthy online feud. Now, they will finally settle their long-running beef in the ring.

KSI’s brother, Deji, will also make his boxing debut. He will face YouTube prankster Fousey. The upcoming bout will take place at the O2 Arena in London.

The two brothers have been at odds since they first met on the Internet. The online fight has escalated into a physical one, as well.

Currently, both brothers have been fighting as professional boxers. They have gone on to win two fights each. The most recent win came from a boxing match. They fought over six rounds.

After the fight, Vinnie Hacker said that he was wishing Deji luck. The TikTok star hasn’t posted any boxing clips on his social media pages. However, he did post an inspirational message on his YouTube channel.

It is unclear whether or not Deji will take the fight pro. However, he is reportedly in talks with Logan Paul’s team.


PPV tiktok vs YouTube fight has been announced, and it will take place in June. The event will be held at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The event will feature eight fights, including six in the main event. The other two fights will be decided by the public.

The biggest draw for the event is the fight between The Ace Family YouTube channel’s Austin McBroom and TikTok’s Bryce Hall. They have been throwing shade at each other for months, but are now finally coming face to face in a real boxing match.

The event will be a five-round, two-minute match, with knockouts being permitted. There are no official fight times yet, but McBroom and Hall are expected to make ring walks at 3am Sunday morning.

The organizers are not yet clear on the process of selecting the fighters. The two main YouTube fighters will be featured, but other creators will also be in the mix.

The main event will be a real boxing match, with each of the two competing to win a prize. The winner of the main event will receive a $5,000 cash prize.

In addition to the main fight, there will be other bouts, including one between DJ Khaled and Lil Baby, and another between Pully Arif and Tommy Mulligan. The third fight is between Ezekiel The 1st and Jak Stevo.

The YouTube vs TikTok boxing event is taking place on Saturday, June 12. The card will include a number of fights, including the main event between McBroom and Hall, as well as other YouTube stars facing off against TikTok stars.

In addition to the main event, there will also be musical performances. The event will be broadcast on LiveXLive, an event streaming platform.

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