Tidal Is Free on T-Mobile

If you love Spotify but don’t want to pay for the premium version, consider using Tidal. It’s free on T-Mobile and doesn’t count against your data allowance while you’re abroad. Moreover, if you have a family plan, you can pay for up to six people under the same account.

Tidal is free with T-Mobile

If you want to enjoy premium streaming content, Tidal is now available for free to T-Mobile customers. The service offers subscribers access to high-quality music, including albums, playlists, and music videos. T-Mobile customers can download Tidal songs as MP3 files and listen to them on their media players or mobile devices. If you’re a new Tidal user, it’s free to sign up for the three-month free trial.

Tidal has an expansive catalog of 60 million songs and close relationships with the artists that make up the music library. Some artists’ new albums are exclusively available on Tidal. It also offers curated playlists, enhanced track credits, and Tidal Rising highlights. However, the service lacks features such as podcasts and social features.

Depending on your needs, Tidal offers different subscription tiers. The free plan offers sound quality up to 160 kbps and limited ad interruptions. The paid plans include music without ads and allow offline listening. There are special discounts for families, students, and first responders.

While Spotify has many advantages, Tidal has some distinct advantages. First, Tidal is a streaming service owned by artists. Secondly, subscribers get access to exclusive content. For instance, Jay-Z’s album isn’t available on Spotify, while Beyonce’s Lemonade was available exclusively on Tidal for three years before it became widely available on Spotify.

When comparing the two services, Tidal is better than Spotify for audio quality. For those who want to listen to hi-res audio files while on the go, Tidal is better. Depending on your needs, you may want to opt for the HiFi Plus tier. This plan also offers lossless playback.

Tidal also has more video content and audio books. This makes it appealing to music lovers who also like to watch documentaries. Spotify and Tidal are similar in terms of user interfaces and functionalities. But Spotify offers more personalized content, while Tidal emphasizes a personal connection with the artist.

Tidal has an easy-to-use interface. The desktop app has an intuitive design and a Web Player version is also available. The app launches into the Home section and presents a number of playlists. Tidal also has an Explore section for discovering new music and artists. This section also includes links to their social media accounts.

Spotify’s ad revenue tumbled in the second quarter

While Spotify’s ad revenue tumbled, the company’s total revenue was up 16 percent year-over-year. Approximately 90 percent of the company’s revenue comes from paying subscribers. The rest comes from advertising, which makes up about 10 percent of the company’s revenue. The company has also expanded its global presence, launching in 80 new countries in February. It has yet to report a full-year net profit.

The company also added three million premium subscribers in the first quarter, bringing the total number of premium users to 158 million. This is up 21% year-over-year and beats Wall Street’s expectations. The company also grew its number of podcasts by double-digits and forecasted that it would have 3.6 million podcasts in its app by the end of the second quarter.

Although Spotify’s ad revenue slipped during the second quarter, the company still has a bright future. Spotify expects a 25 percent gross profit margin in the first quarter of 2022. The company also avoided mentioning the controversy surrounding podcaster Joe Rogan, who has been linked to the departure of several high-profile artists from the streaming platform. It did say that the podcasting platform was improving consumer engagement, but did not elaborate further.

Spotify’s ad revenue declined for the second consecutive quarter. The company blamed slower advertising growth and an unfavorable adjustment to prior period estimates for rights holders liabilities. Spotify expects a higher gross margin in the third quarter. However, the company still expects losses to widen by around 20% this year.

While the company is growing its user base and advertising revenue per user, it is facing tough competition. Spotify’s ad revenue per user declined by about 1.5% in the second quarter, despite its continued growth. The company’s management said that the decline was partly due to seasonality and the costs associated with podcasting.

In addition to the podcast revenue, Spotify has expanded its subscription options. The service is now available in 34 countries, with a high retention rate. The company also recently announced exclusive podcast licensing deals valued at $60 million over three years. While these deals are small and not yet profitable, Spotify executives said that the company will continue to seek more profitable ways to monetize its podcasts.

Spotify’s family plan allows up to six people to pay under the same account

If you have more than one person who wants to pay for Spotify, you can sign up for a family plan. You can add up to six people to your plan at the same time, so you can share the costs. The Family plan requires you to live at the same address. Luckily, Spotify will not check this information until after you register the account. Additionally, Spotify offers a special premium subscription for students that costs $4.99 per month.

To sign up for the family plan, you need to log in to your account and confirm that you want to add your family members. You can either sign up using your Facebook account, or create a new account by entering the email address and verifying it. You will also need to create a new password. If you don’t want to register using your Facebook account, you can sign up for Spotify using your Google account.

You can share the Premium plan with up to six family members. However, the family plan requires that all family members live at the same address. This way, Spotify won’t have to check location if one of them is outside the house. You can choose other plans if you need more family members.

The premium student plan is $4.99 per month and offers the same features as the individual Premium plan. This subscription also includes access to SHOWTIME and Hulu ad-supported plans. Normally, these would cost about $8 and $11 per month respectively.

If you plan to share the family plan with more people, you should make sure that all family members are living at the same address. Otherwise, Spotify may choose to investigate the account and terminate it. The company also wants to prevent abuse of the family plan, so it will only offer this plan to families living at the same address.

A Spotify family plan also allows parents to set up adult content filters for the members of the family. Another feature is the Family Mix feature, which features a constantly updated playlist of the family’s favorite songs. Another great benefit of the Premium family plan is that each member can have their own account.

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