The TikTok Office in New York

The TikTok office in New York is inspired by the neon elevator lobbies of Los Angeles. It features LED panels that represent pizza, yellow cabs, and the Statue of Liberty. It also features LED tubes that represent a subway map. Some of the offices have climbing ropes to resemble Spider Man scaling tall buildings. One of the offices features a sweeping view of the city from the Freedom Tower and the Empire State Building.

Rents for the Skadden floors ranged from $105 to $135 per square foot

The New York office building One World Trade Center is home to several high-profile companies, including Conde Nast and Skadden Arps. The tower is one of the largest in New York and has approximately 326,000 square feet of available space. Tenants of the building have rented their spaces from as low as $105 per square foot to multi-national companies.

During the summer of 2022, the rent increases for apartments in New York City took a particularly dark turn. As a result, many people have had to leave the city. One video, by a woman named Trina Roseee, documented the living conditions of her apartment and her landlord’s planned $800 per month price increase. The videos have gone viral, driving many people to leave the city. The rising cost of living in New York City has become particularly difficult for those who live in multi-generational households.

Rents for the Durst floors ranged from $2m-$3m per month

While Bytedance has secured five floors in the top section of the tower, Skadden Arps and Conde Nast have also locked in floors. Bytedance’s agreement with The Durst Org was not publicly disclosed, but it’s estimated that the firm paid as much as $2m-$3m per month to lease the floors.

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