The Spotify Controller

The Spotify Controller is a handy tool for users to manage their playlists. It allows users to pause playback and add tracks to the “Up next” queue in the Spotify app. There are some limitations, however. The controller cannot delete tracks, nor does it support reading the queue’s contents. It’s best used in conjunction with a smartphone app.


One of the best ways to customize the Spotify desktop client is by using Spicetify. This app allows you to add themes and custom extensions. It also allows you to customize the UI of the Spotify player. If you find the Spotify interface too clunky, Spicetify is the perfect solution.

This app is compatible with iOS devices. Users must be at least 18 years old to accept these terms. If they are under the age of 13, they must obtain parental or guardian consent. They must also provide true and accurate information when signing up for the Spotify service. They must also adhere to all applicable export and reexport control laws.

Another great feature of Spicetify is its ability to switch color schemes. It allows you to choose between a base or dark color scheme. If you get bored with the default look and feel, you can change the theme with a click. You can also restore Spotify to its original configuration, which is especially useful if you’ve created custom CSS configuration files for it.

You can also customize the desktop appearance of your computer with free desktop customization software. If you’re using Spotify, you can use skins to make it look more appealing. You can also fix the Rainmeter Spotify not working issue by using two tools. One of these is the Spotify Control Rainmeter skin.

Car Thing

If you’re looking for a music controller that will make your commutes a breeze, the Car Thing is the device for you. It connects to the Spotify app on your phone and lets you navigate your playlists and manage volume with a few taps. It also has a physical volume wheel and buttons on the top that switch between playing and saving playlists. It also has voice controls, so you can ask Siri or Google Assistant to play a song for you.

The Spotify Car Thing has a simple interface that lets you navigate through your playlist by saying “Hey Spotify” and selecting the songs you want. It can also be controlled by voice using four buttons and a large dial. The Car Thing is also compatible with phone-based navigation systems.

The Car Thing is available in two models: the Car Thing is designed to be easily operated with voice commands and a touch screen. It supports the latest versions of Spotify and many other audio services. It also works with any car navigation system, so you don’t need to install an additional unit.

The Car Thing requires Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone. It uses a lot of data, so you shouldn’t plan to drive without your phone. If you’re on a limited data plan, you might want to consider downloading your music using Wi-Fi. This way, you can save money and download music directly to your car’s speakers.

Car Thing is a great option for drivers who want to enjoy their music while driving. You can control your music using voice commands, presets, and the touchscreen. You can also answer incoming calls with the help of the app. The Spotify Car Thing is also compatible with iPhones. However, it is not yet compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Spotify has also released an update for the Car Thing that brings more features. The updates include the ability to see incoming calls and add new songs to your queue. Additionally, you can also control non-Spotify media with the help of voice commands. The update is only available for iOS users, but Spotify is working on making it available for Android users soon.

Home Thing

Spotify has partnered with Home Thing to bring a streamlined and intuitive interface to any home speaker. The UI is touch-responsive and fun, with a rotating crown and a circular interface that makes switching tracks and listening to playlists a breeze. Using the Home Thing’s Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, you can play and pause tracks and navigate through your playlists. You can also adjust the volume and playback controls using the rotating crown. The Home Thing is compatible with many speakers already in your home, and it works with both wired and wireless speakers.

In order to use the Home Thing on Spotify, you must sign in to the service. Signing up for a free account is easy. Once you’re logged in, you can choose the devices you want to control. The Spotify Home Thing supports up to four devices. You can use the app on your PC, iPhone, or Android device.

The Car Thing was originally launched by Spotify in May 2018. The device’s specifications were later confirmed by the company, including a 12-volt outlet and connectivity to your phone. However, until January, the company remained quiet about the project. Later, it revealed the product at the FCC. A wider release is planned for the future.

Spotify’s Home Thing app is compatible with a variety of gadgets, including Amazon Echo and Google Nest speakers. The app also works with the Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku devices, and other streaming players. It can also be used to control your Spotify music through voice commands. While the app is a great way to listen to music, it’s not a replacement for the actual device.

When using the Home Thing on Spotify controller, you can set it to be your lock screen or always-on display. You can also toggle notifications for the music you’re playing. You can also control Spotify Music’s notifications with Widgets. You can also set the Home Thing to play when you’re on the go.


Raycast is a remote control app for Mac that works with the Spotify app. It is available for free and lets you control Spotify from any application. It also features a search bar that can be used to find anything you want on your Mac. You can also use it to check the weather, check your internet speed, play Snake, and more.

The app is easy to use, lightweight, and feels like a native app. You can also use it to complete tasks, calculate, and share common links. It’s extensible, allowing you to add more than 400 scripts. It supports control of Spotify, Apple Music, and Slack.

The free version of Raycast comes with a lot of fun features and does the same thing as Alfred. It also has a paid version, and it costs 34 British pounds. However, if you’re using Alfred as your primary remote control for Spotify, it’s probably better to stick with Alfred.

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