Spotify Keeps Pausing 2021 – How to Fix Spotify Errors on Your Phone

If you’re experiencing Spotify keeps pausing and you’re frustrated, you’ve come to the right place. This article will teach you how to fix the error and keep your music streaming. Here’s how: The first step is to make sure that Bluetooth connectivity is working. Bluetooth connectivity is important because it’s required to play music and other media through your device.

Discord causes Spotify to stop playing

If you have trouble listening to music on Spotify, you may be experiencing a Discord error message that says “Spotify has stopped playing on Discord.” To fix this issue, you’ll need to integrate your account with Discord. Then, go to your User Settings and check the “Turn on device broadcast status” option.

Discord is a messaging app that uses a microphone. The problem is that it interrupts Spotify’s audio streaming service, so it will stop playing. The app’s terms of service require that it respect the restrictions set by Spotify. However, there are ways to adjust your microphone settings so that Discord will not interfere with your music. The settings in Discord let you adjust the sensitivity of your voice activity, select Push-to-Talk, and view other connected apps.

Discord is a great tool for communicating with other people in virtual environments. However, this feature may cause Spotify to stop playing when users are in a voice chat session with another Discord user. To avoid Spotify from pausing, you can enable the “auto pause” function in the Discord app. Alternatively, you can disable the legacy audio subsystem in Discord to avoid Spotify from pausing while you’re speaking.

If you’re having trouble with Spotify on a particular device, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app. Changing the Bluetooth settings may also affect your music-listening experience. If the device you’re using has a low power mode, Spotify can automatically pause your song while it is in the background.

Too many devices

If you experience Spotify pauses frequently, you may have more than one device with the same account. If this is the case, sign out of all your devices from the account overview page. It’s also possible that a problem with your external SD card is to blame. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by ensuring that the SD card is up to date.

First, make sure you’ve switched off the power saving mode on your device. This will stop Spotify from wasting battery power by allowing it to run in the background. If you have too many devices, you might be able to turn off battery saver mode.

Another common cause of Spotify pauses is an internet connection. If you’re using the app on your mobile phone, check that your network has enough bandwidth for streaming. If it’s not, switch to a different connection. Sometimes, connecting to a LAN will solve the problem. Next, visit the Spotify website. To do so, sign in with your username and password. You’ll be taken to an overview page of your account. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a sign-out option.

If the problem persists even after rebooting your devices, you might want to consider using headphones. Many Bluetooth headphones, including Apple AirPods, will pause the music whenever you remove them from your ear. This is because they detect when you’re inactive. Another cause of Spotify pausing is low power mode on your smartphone. This may impact your bandwidth and slow down your device. If this doesn’t help, you can try re-installing the app. Sometimes, corrupt files on your phone may be the culprit.

Keeping the battery charged is another solution. Many devices have a battery-saving mode. This feature will stop Spotify from playing music if it’s using a lot of battery power. If this solution does not fix the problem, try rebooting your device and then reinstalling the Spotify app. Alternatively, you can try using an updated version of Spotify.


The Spotify app on your phone may be experiencing problems finding enough storage space to store all of the music files you want to listen to. The app uses the phone’s RAM to store these files, and so it needs space to operate properly. To see if this is the cause of your problem, go to Settings and tap on Storage. Then, delete any unnecessary files or store them in the cloud.

Excessive cache and temp files are often the cause of this issue. They can cause the Spotify app to run slowly or even completely stop. There are several ways to solve this issue, including turning off battery saver and removing any unnecessary applications that may be running in the background. Fortunately, there’s no need to panic if you’re experiencing the problem.

Spotify is a popular music and podcast streaming app, available for desktop and mobile. Despite the popularity of the app, users can sometimes experience problems with the application. This problem can be very irritating. Spotify keeps pausing on you, and it’s frustrating to have to stop listening to your favorite music. Luckily, there are a few fixes you can try.

Internet connection

Despite the fact that Spotify is a popular streaming service, its playback quality isn’t buttery smooth on all networks. Generally, a high-quality connection of at least 1Mbps is necessary for smooth playback. However, if your network’s speed is unstable, Spotify may pause at times. If you’re constantly encountering this issue, you can always try restarting your device or manually updating Spotify. But be warned: beta versions of the service may cause playback to be interrupted.

Spotify might have trouble finding enough storage space on your device. It caches the music files you play and needs ample space to run without interruptions. To avoid this, you can check the amount of free space on your device. If it’s low, you can delete unnecessary files or store them on the cloud instead.

If you’re using multiple devices, you may have a problem with your network. Spotify is only compatible with one device at a time, so if you sign in on more than one device, your playlist will stop. It will be paused until you log out of all of them.

If you are using Spotify on a laptop or a phone, make sure you have enough power to playback without pauses. A lack of power can cause a lot of problems for your laptop or phone. It can affect the performance of various applications and slow down the internet connection. These problems can be annoying for you, but they can be easily resolved.

If all else fails, the problem might be related to Bluetooth devices. Ensure that your Bluetooth device is properly connected to the Internet. If this doesn’t fix your problem, try disconnecting Bluetooth devices and reconnecting them. You may also need to reinstall or update the Spotify application.

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