How to Watch Movies on Planes

Watching movies on planes is nothing new, but in the past decade, the choice of content has increased dramatically. Before, airlines would choose the movies that were popular with passengers and play them on tiny screens in the seat ahead of you. The introduction of digital stores changed that, allowing passengers to choose their own movies.

American Airlines

American Airlines has expanded its inflight entertainment offerings with a new collection of movies and TV episodes available to watch during your flight. Depending on the length of your flight, you can choose from a wide variety of titles. The company recently launched an online site to help travelers find entertainment options while traveling. The selection includes more than 280 movies and TV shows with a combined run time of 545 hours. Most are in English, but there are also dozens of titles in other languages.

In addition to movies, you can also enjoy television shows and video games while flying on American Airlines. Select Boeing 737 aircraft are equipped with DIRECTV+ Hit Movies. This service includes over 100 television channels, including new releases from Hollywood. This service is free to use and allows passengers to watch movies in the comfort of their seat.

The service allows passengers to watch movies and television shows on seatback screens as well as live TV on a tablet provided by the airline. In addition, many aircraft have Wi-Fi, which enables travelers to stream content from their personal devices. In addition to movies, passengers can also watch television shows and music videos. Apple Music users can sign up for free on the airplane and can stream more than 50 million songs, playlists, and music videos.

The airline plans to expand its movie on board program on its new widebody aircraft. Initially, the airline plans to use Airbus A321XLRs to backfill its lost widebody fleet and then transition to Boeing 787-9s. The new planes will be targeted at international routes, although the airline may also use them for domestic hops.

In addition to American Airlines Movies on Planes, Discovery+ and Magnolia Network are adding movies to their lineup. The programs will be available on American Airlines’ inflight entertainment system. They will range across genres, including history, true crime, and home and food. This partnership will expand the company’s global reach.


WestJet is ditching seatback TV screens and introducing a new in-flight entertainment system – WestJet Connect – that will rely on your personal devices for in-flight entertainment. The system will cost you nothing to watch movies, but you will have to pay to use Wi-Fi. Analysts say it’s time the airline upgraded its electronic offering. The company’s live TV service is outdated and loses its signal very quickly once the plane leaves Canada.

WestJet’s WiFi, while generally acceptable, is unreliable and a poor experience. In its most recent quarter, the airline made 120 million dollars, so it’s not in a dire financial position. However, a competitor, Air Canada, claims to have streaming wifi on all of its aircraft. It even offers free access to streaming video – but be warned – the latency is often high.

While flying domestically, there are many advantages to connecting to the internet on a plane. For example, you can use your laptop to surf the web or work on the Frugal Flyer. You can also check emails and chat with friends using the free WiFi. While using the wifi is free on WestJet flights, you may have to purchase a separate wifi package if you want to use the onboard WiFi for anything more than basic web browsing.

Some aircraft feature seatback screens where you can watch movies. You can also download movies to your device and watch them during your flight. Many airlines also offer free Wi-Fi so you can watch movies on the plane without having to purchase a service. Alternatively, you can watch movies on your own devices by downloading them onto your computer.

Using the WestJet app is another great option. It is free and allows you to check in, change your travel details and view boarding passes. It also allows you to navigate through select airports, check your flight status and even watch movies on the plane. You can access movies and TV episodes while flying, which is a great way to pass the time while you’re traveling.


For a limited time, DIRECTV Movies on Planes is now available on some United Airlines flights. With over 100 channels, including new releases, this service provides passengers with hours of entertainment. You can learn if your flight has this feature by checking the airline’s website or contacting customer service.

DIRECTV Movies on Planes is available for free on select Boeing 737 aircraft and includes your favorite television channels and new Hollywood movies. You can check the status of your flight up to 24 hours before your flight by entering your flight number and looking for the DIRECTV logo in the Inflight Amenities tab.

In addition to DIRECTV Movies on Planes, United has expanded its personal device entertainment service to all of its aircraft. This service allows customers to access more than 280 free movies and television shows on their laptops, iPads, and other portable devices. In addition, United also offers seatback television services.

Another option for watching movies on a plane is to download content from Netflix or another streaming service before flying. By downloading content in advance, you avoid using up your cellular data. The only drawback is that you have to ensure that you have enough disk space on your computer or mobile device.


One of the best ways to watch movies on planes is on a laptop. You can bring your favorite movies along with you in your carry-on, or download them on your laptop and watch them on a plane. You can also use an app that allows you to download movies to watch offline. The best app for this is Handbrake. It is free to download, and it will even give you instructions on how to use it.

Another great option is PlayOn. This program allows you to record and watch movies from many different sources, including HBO. Once you’ve recorded a movie or show, the file won’t expire and you can watch it anywhere without Wi-Fi. You can even record movies in advance, so you can save them for later.

There are several different apps for watching movies on planes, and each one has its pros and cons. Most work just like a Netflix streaming service, and they include popular recent releases. You can even record Netflix original series episodes or movies. The great thing about this method is that you don’t have to download anything before you board your plane.

Another option for watching movies on planes is to download an app that allows you to watch videos offline. Some streaming services have this feature built into their service, while others are still developing it. It’s important to remember that downloading a free app can lead to unwanted privacy issues. So, before you download any app, make sure it has a privacy policy.

One of the biggest issues with PlayOn is its unsustainable business model. It requires constant maintenance to keep it functional, and the recording features can break if the streaming service changes websites. Additionally, there are hundreds of angry comments on its Reddit page. MediaMall should consider offering longer support periods for PlayOn Desktop and PlayOn Home to prevent these problems.

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