How to Transfer Data From iPhone to iPhone

If you’ve ever wondered how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone, you’ve come to the right place. There are several options available, from AirDrop to Quick Start and iTunes to MobiMover. All of them are surprisingly easy to use. But which one is best for your specific situation?


In iOS, there is a new feature called AirDrop, which lets you transfer files and videos wirelessly from one device to another. It works by using Bluetooth technology and the WiFi network between the two devices. To use this feature, first switch on Bluetooth on both devices. Then, open the app on one of the devices and press the share button to transfer the file. Once the file is transferred, it will be visible on the other device immediately.

In the Photos app, tap on the Share button (a small rectangle with an arrow pointing up). You will see a list of nearby AirDrop users. Simply tap on the name of the contact and the file will be sent. You can send the files to as many people as you like.

AirDrop works with both iOS and macOS devices. Make sure your Mac and iPhone have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. After you have done this, open the Photos app and select the photos you want to transfer. You can select multiple photos at once and then click on the AirDrop icon to send them.

To use AirDrop, you must first enable AirDrop on the other device. This will allow you to send selected files to your iPhone. You can also share documents and photos with other iPhone users using this method. If the receiver also has AirDrop enabled, the transfer will be seamless.

The best part about this method is that it doesn’t remove your existing data from the other device. It doesn’t erase your old iPhone and is compatible with most iOS apps. However, you should make sure to back up your iCloud account before using AirDrop.

Quick Start

The first step in transferring data from iPhone to iPhone is to ensure that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection. You’ll also need to have a Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and an iPhone with plenty of battery life. Once you have these items, you can begin the transfer. You can also use a wired connection. Once the transfer is complete, make sure that the iPhones are close to one another.

The transfer process will take some time. This is because it depends on your network, type of connection, and the amount of data you want to transfer. You may need to perform additional steps to ensure that everything transfers properly. It is also important to ensure that both iPhones are powered on and connected to Wi-Fi.

To begin the transfer, place the new iPhone near the old one. You’ll see an animation on your old device. You’ll then need to enter your Apple ID to sign in to your new iPhone. When this step is complete, you’ll see a screen on your new iPhone that asks you to set up the new iPhone.

To begin the transfer, make sure to back up your old phone. You can find this backup in the Finder by selecting the device under Locations on your Mac. From there, you’ll need to connect the new iPhone to your computer and follow the on-screen instructions. This process will take a few minutes, depending on how fast your wireless connection is.

When the data transfer process is complete, you can check out your transferred files on the new iPhone. You can even choose to backup specific files and settings on the new device. If you don’t have time to use iTunes, you can connect the two devices using a USB cable.


When you’re ready to upgrade to a new iPhone, you’ll need to transfer your data from your old iPhone to the new one. You can do this by using iTunes. However, you need to have the latest version of the program on your PC. Afterward, connect your iPhone to the PC via USB. Then, in iTunes, click “Sync iPhone.” Once the devices are connected, you can choose “Apply to iPhone” or “Sync.” When the syncing process is complete, both devices will be synchronized.

You can also restore from an iCloud backup. After backing up your data, connect your iPhone to your computer. Once you connect your device, choose the backup you want to restore. If you’ve made an encrypted backup, you’ll need to enter the password to unlock it. Then, wait for the restore process to complete.

You can also use iTunes to restore data from your old iPhone. The backup process can be automatic or manual. In either case, you’ll need a USB cable to connect your PC and iPhone. You’ll need to trust your computer before transferring the data to your new phone. Once the process is complete, you’ll be able to view your old iPhone’s data on your new one.

The first step in the transfer process is to back up your iPhone using iTunes. This will back up your data, as well as iCloud data. This process should take a couple of minutes, and once it is done, your iPhone will display the contents of the old phone. If you don’t have iTunes on your computer, you can download a free tool called Syncios Toolkit. The toolkit is available for Windows and Mac users. Once the toolkit is installed on your computer, connect your iPhone to it. Then, click “Next” to select the data to transfer.

You can also transfer your iPhone to your computer by using iCloud backup. To use this method, you must connect your iPhone to the computer and be connected to Wi-Fi. This method takes about 30 minutes. If your iPhone is running iOS 9, you can also enable iCloud backup on your iPhone.


MobiMover is a software application that helps iPhone users transfer data from one phone to another. This program is available for both Mac and Windows computers. Users can open MobiMover on their PC and select the files they would like to transfer. The software also has features to help users transcode different file types. For example, it can convert HEIC photos into JPG, convert videos to MP4 and change audio formats.

One of the most useful features of MobiMover is its ability to transfer data quickly and easily. You can choose specific files or folders to transfer, and you can even transfer multiple files with one click. The software provides support via email and live chat.

MobiMover is free and supports transferring all kinds of files between iOS devices. It supports transferring photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, and other data. It also lets you backup the contents of your iPhone to your computer. In addition, it is compatible with all iOS devices, and supports all versions of iOS.

MobiMover is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for transferring data between iPhones and PCs. It is free to use, and provides a user-friendly interface. With the help of MobiMover, you can transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without worrying about compatibility issues. You can download EaseUS MobiMover from the company’s official website.

One of the best features of MobiMover is that it supports a range of backup methods. It supports full, incremental, and air backups. Another benefit of MobiMover is that it allows you to choose which data you want to back up. You can choose to back up specific files or folders, or you can backup multiple backups.


The easiest way to back up your iPhone data is to use iCloud. To perform this task, connect your iPhone to a WiFi network. Then, go to the Settings app and select iCloud Backup. Choose to Back Up Now or Transfer a Back-Up Now. Once the backup has finished, you can restore your iPhone with the new backup. To do this, you will need to free up space on your iPhone. If you don’t have enough space, you will need to upgrade your iCloud storage plan or free up some space on your iPhone.

If you don’t have enough storage space on your iPhone, you can download apps that provide cloud storage for specific files. Some of these apps also have apps that can help you download files from the cloud. For this, you will need to pay a fee for the service. If you’re worried about losing important data, try using iCloud to back up your iPhone.

Once you’ve created an iCloud backup, you can restore the data from the old iPhone. To restore your old iPhone, connect the new device to the same Wi-Fi network, choose iCloud Backup, accept the Terms of Service, and set up your new device.

To transfer data from iPhone to Mac, use the Finder application. On the Finder, open the Finder and select iPhone in the Locations section. Complete the connectivity permissions and click Back Up Now. Next, connect your new iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. When the iPhone is connected to the computer, follow the on-screen instructions.

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